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it up, 90-degrees here and take th four fingers of the hand and yo find a muscle on top and muscle below and in the middle there i a bone and you feel on the bone with the forefingers and somewhere in there you will fin a pulse and you mush it up against the bone and if somebod was taking your pulse at your wrist this time the pulse would disappear. what you're doing is reducing the flow of blood to the affec affected part, to the arm. okay. what you're not doing is blocking the venus return. you're not sequestering blood the affected part and not blocking it off entirely. if you blocked it off entirely what is that called? a turn kit and we try not to us the t word in disaster medicine and tiewrn kits are -- turn kit are too often used by the publi and elevate the pressure point before you think about that. what is this patient suffering from? >> (inaudible) a little bit too much maker up an make up and we shock. and there is little phrase here comfort and reassurance and victims don't care what you kn know. they just want to know that you care. i am going to be busy. and doctors and em
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dormido y aparecí en las vegas. >>cuando yo llegué no había casi gente que hablara español >>decidio abrir un pequeño restaurante con seis mesas. >>estuve en un seminario 3 años, las madres me enseñaron a cocinar. >>su presencia coincidio con el incremento de la poblacion en las vegas. >>ahora son 18 mil negocios hispanos >>persisti, ahora tengo tres restaunrantes, 300 empleados >>su restaurante ha sido reconocido por diez años el mejor restaurante mexicano. >>cuando abri era tacos. pero la comida mexicana es variada y tan buena como la italiana y franceesa. >>tres restaurnates lindo michoacan son de javier barajas, ahora planea llevar su negocio a otros estados donde crece la comunidad hispana. >>cinco estados del país pondrán en vigencia un plan piloto que indica 300 horas más para los alumnos. >>xolos de tijuana se coronaron campeones de liga mx. <>>atención a esto padres de familia, miles de estudiantes de las escuelas públicas tendrán pronto una jornada escolar más larga, connecticut massachusset nueva york entre otros agregarán más de 300 horas al calendario escolar, con
and physically you know what yo can do and lift people and mentally is another thing and w will talk about disaster psychology next week and some people say they can't look at blood or some say they can't look at a child screaming and know your limits and don't become a victim yourself. . >> we're going to go over search and rescue in this class, go over some buildings and how you assess buildings. you already had classes on utility controls, correct? how about medical? did medical? okay, as i said, my name is alec, i'm on truck 11. let's go into some light search and rescue. before you start, what do you do? stop, look, listen and think. any time you pull up to an incident or you see something, you take a breath, assess the situation, use all your senses and think about what you are going to do. those are all components of what we call the size-up. there are many components to size up. what's one of the components to size up? gathering facts. you want to assess the type of damage there is. what kind of situation is it? what is the issue? is it a medical problem? if it's a medical, is it a
costas. >> kimberly: keep in mind you can't strip everyone else of the constitutional rights. >> bob: yo, man, bob. go for it. glades' why they do it to get accolades from others in the media. princess kate has been hospitalized in u.k. after she and prince william got exciting news. we have tell you about that next on "the five." ♪ ♪ why is it that the most impressive technology often comes with a set of equally impressive instructions ? shouldn't something that's truly advanced, not need much explanation at all ? with the nokia lumia 822 on verizon, there's not much to learn because it's powered by windows... to let you do more than you ever imagined on your smartphone. exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of your plan. only on verizon. ♪ ♪ >> eric: 29 days until taxes jump and spending on everything from defense, medicare and farm suddies are slashed. geithner and bane spinning away on the sunday talk circuit. i'd roll the video but we prefer you stay awake for the segment. listen to rush limbaugh shed some light. >> why would he want to go over the clif
shock yo-- including the fact that a preferred risk pocy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. ♪ melissa: it's time boyle laughlin with spare change. today we are joined by elizabeth macdonald and frazier's itel, president ceo of emerald partners. vicarage joining yes. first up, well, although i should not say that. this one is crazy. in 8-year-old girl was feeding -- look at that. beating the dolphins as the world in orlando when this happened. the girl suffered three puncture wounds to her hand and she said -- it is hard to watch that. she is fine. she says she has forgiven the dolphin, even praying for it night. a while. what you think of that? i take my kids to see world. they love the dolphins. i have wondered house if this is. >> i was scared and upset far under family and i like that the parents opposed to the video online. animals are being animals. dublin the animal. the annals of just being animals . i like to she prayed for the dolphin. that was sweet. melissa: isn't that crazy? when i saw the video i could not believe
would grow by 230,000 and their fortunes would soar by $1 trillion. yo under score the cost of the cliff, if no threat of a cliff at all, the number of millionaires would grow by 443,000, a 9% increase. the difference between no cliff and going over the cliff is more than 750,000 millionaires, or about $1.3 trillion in worth, the gdp of canada. i'm looking at the impact of economic growth on millionaires, not attacks which could reduce that growth but a cliff deal alone could be worth $1 trillion in new wealth and new millionaires. another reason why the folks in washington should keep on talking. >> really interesting stuff. so, while we have you, robert, let's talk about what we learned on oracle, announcing plans to pay out second quarter, third quarter and fourth quarter dividends this month. what is ceo larry ellison's cut on this? is it $199 million as reported a minute ago? >> it sounds like it's around $200 million. you had that great interview with him where he's talking about his dream of buying the lakers. this might help him do that. $200 million. his tax savings alone on thi
back in a moment of perhaps their give and take or willingness to do so. he's ratcheting yo up the stakes which doesn't seem to be the behavior of a leader who wants to solve the problem. megyn: last night bob costas launched into an anti-gun tirade. it made national news when police arrested a well-known ref from tennis right before the u.s. open. now she has been released. all charges were dropped. dr. baden is here. music is a universal language. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. information on my phone. connection to doctors who get where i'm from. and tools to estimate what my care may cost. so i never missed a beat. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. megyn: back to one of our top stories. 18 hours after and no end to the firestorm in the wake of bob costas' remarks last night on nbc's prime time. he launched into scene anti-gun rant sparked by the murder-suicide of an nfl
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